Mirame Arts e.V. supports ME/CFS Research Foundation with over €7,000 in donations

The non-profit organisation Mirame Arts e.V. in Gütersloh has donated just over €7,000 to the ME/CFS Research Foundation up to November this year. The association was able to raise these funds through their 'OWL 4 ME' project. The association is aiming for a long-term fundraising commitment in favour of biomedical research into ME/CFS. 

In the 'OWL 4 ME' project ("Ost/East Westphalia for Myalgic Encephalomyelitis"), the association focuses its work on the region of East Westphalia in order to raise awareness of the disease and the concerns of patients through various strategies in the private sector as well as in local and state politics. 

Joerg Heydecke (ME/CFS Research Foundation) comments: "A big thank you goes to the Mirame Arts organisation and its supporters for this special commitment! We are delighted with the donation as a contribution to our goal of expanding biomedical research into ME/CFS. However, we are particularly pleased about the initiative and their creative ideas which is raising support at the regional level for this disease, which has been under-researched for too long!"

The current aim of Mirame Arts is to bring large corporations and medium-sized companies from East Westphalia together with local and regional politicians. Donations from companies, foundations or other sponsors are intended to support the ME/CFS Research Foundation and thus co-finance research projects for ME/CFS. In this area, there is always a need for private initiatives to initiate pilot projects in order to achieve their later and larger follow-up financing by public sponsors.

Martin Hippe (Mirame Arts) comments: "By involving companies and regional sponsors such as foundations, we want to tap into larger donation budgets for ME/CFS research funding in the future. In addition to patients and their families, employers are also directly affected by ME/CFS and post-COVID. We see many companies and public institutions losing employees due to post-COVID and ME/CFS. In the long term, OWL 4 ME is intended to serve as a pilot project for involving the private sector in ME/CFS research funding in other regions."

All donations from the 'OWL 4 ME' campaign will be passed on to the non-profit ME/CFS Research Foundation, which is committed to biomedical research into ME/CFS and post-COVID. Anyone who would like to get involved with small or large fundraising campaigns can contact the ME/CFS Research Foundation directly. We are happy to provide support and can also put you in touch with other fundraising initiatives to share experiences. Find out more at: https://mecfs-research.org/spenden

About Mirame Arts e.V. (https://www.mirame-arts.org/

Since its launch in February 2023, Mirame Arts has been committed to supporting research funding (via the ME/CFS Research Foundation) and initiating projects to enable patients with ME/CFS and Post-COVID-Syndrome to live with dignity. Mirame Arts is not a patient organisation, but sees itself as a thought leader, networker and supporter for other organisations. In contrast to other initiatives, the organisation addresses the private sector directly. Among other things, the association is working to establish public-private partnerships in research funding for the benefit of patients.

About ME/CFS Research Foundation (https://mecfs-research.org)

ME/CFS Research Foundation promotes and funds the biomedical research into the diseases ME/CFS (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) and Post-COVID-Syndrome. Due to a lack of research to date, there is a lack of medical awareness, recognition, diagnosis, treatment and care for patients with these complex, long-term illnesses. As a team of patients and their relatives, we are campaigning for an appropriate number of university research institutions and projects. We cooperate with patient organisations and many initiatives that have long been committed to improving the situation. Our work is initially focussed on Germany and will later be extended to other EU countries.

How can you support the work of the ME/CFS Research Foundation?

There is still a long way to go before diagnosis, care and treatment of ME/CFS patients will one day become a medical and social standard. We at the ME/CFS Research Foundation are focussing on biomedical research, which we see as the key element in solving these problems (more on this in our research funding strategy). To do this, we need extensive support from private donors - patients, relatives, families, friends, associations, schools, networks, companies, initiatives, event organisers and all supporters. And if you can't support us directly, maybe you can share our story and motivate others to help. Because only together is such a feat possible.

We fully translate donations and other support into scientifically excellent research, networking and ultimately visible successes, i.e. better ME/CFS diagnostics and therapies. We are happy to work together with other organisations and initiatives - please contact us! 

We appreciate all kinds of Support!

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