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Research funding - let's start with that ...

We work for more biomedical ME/CFS research (incl. post-COVID). Our focus is on diagnostic and therapeutic research. In this way, we also promote medical awareness and care for those affected. That is why we have established the ME/CFS Research Foundation. We are a team of ME/CFS patients, family members and committed supporters. By the way, we would be happy to receive competent and active support of any kind to expand our work! 

A scientific advisory board of international ME/CFS experts supports our work. These researchers advise on the funding priorities for ME/CFS research and strengthen the scientific competence of the foundation.

The Scientific Advisory Board

For the scientific advisory board of the ME/CFS Research Foundation, we are more than happy to work with leading European experts who have been researching and publishing in the field of ME/CFS for many years and are well connected within the scientific community. Their experience ranges from basic research to clinical research and bio-statistics. Many of the researchers have presented their current projects at the ME/CFS conference at the Charité in May 2023 .

We are also in close exchange with German researchers. However, they are not yet represented on the advisory board. Initially, the foundation will focus on research funding in Germany. To avoid conflicts of interest, any potentially funded researchers are not involved in the decision making on the allocation of funds. As soon as we will fund international projects, we will expand the advisory board and establish adapted mechanisms to avoid possible conflicts of interest.

Here are the members of the Scientific Advisory Board (in alphabetical order) with links to their universities, social media and ME-Pedia profiles as well as their publications:

Dr. Jeroen den Dunnen

Amsterdam UMC, The Netherlands

Center for Experimental and Molecular Medicine (CEMM) / Immunologist and Principal Investigator

Dr. Øystein Fluge

University of Bergen, Norway

Haukeland University Hospital / Senior Consultant at Dept. of Oncology and Medical Physics

Prof. Eliana Lacerda

London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, UK​

Clinical Research Department / Clinical Assistant Professor, CureME Research Group – Research Leader.

Prof. Olav Mella

University of Bergen, Norway

Haukeland University Hospital / ME/CFS research group at the Department of Oncology and Medical Physics

Prof. Nuno Sepúlveda

Warsaw University of Technology, Poland

Faculty of Mathematics and Information Science / Visiting Professor, Head of Immune-Stats Group

Prof. Karl Johan Tronstad

University of Bergen, Norway

Department of Biomedicine, Tronstad Lab / Professor

Dr. Francisco Westermeier

FH Joanneum University of Applied Sciences, Graz, Austria

Institute of Biomedical Science, Department of Health Studies / Senior Lecturer

Prof. Pawel Zalewski

Nicolaus Copernicus University Toruń, Poland

Faculty of Health Sciences / Department of Exercise Physiology and Functional Anatomy / Associate Professor

The ME/CFS Research Foundation team

Joerg Heydecke
Managing Director & Founder of the ME/CFS Research Foundation 

Project management & ME/CFS conference/symposium

Claudia Kirschner
Project "Research Register"

Project "Research Register"

Georg Schräder
Project "Research Register" / Tools & IT

Anne Besold
Fundraising & PR

Anton Ahrens
Social Media

Ronja Splieth
Social Media

Katharina Bühler

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