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biomedical research into ME/CFS

Everyone can help - together even small donations make a big difference!

Your donation directly supports the biomedical research of ME/CFS. 100% of your contribution goes towards ME/CFS research. This is possible as all administrative costs of the ME/CFS Research Foundation are already covered by dedicated grants.

Many ME/CFS patients are in medical and social need. We are grateful about every donation! But please do not donate at the expense of your own health or care! We are particularly pleased about major donors who will enable us to establish and sustainably finance entire research centres, in addition to research projects. For the development of new research capacities in particular requires reliable, long-term funding commitments. And this is how larger scientific advancements may be achieved...

Every donation helps!

Thank you for your support!

The ME/CFS Research Foundation is recognised by the German tax office as a non-profit organisation. Donations to us are therefore tax deductible in Germany. For donations of up to €300 per year, proof of payment (e.g. payment receipt, bank statement) is sufficient to claim the donation in your tax return. In order to keep our administrative workload to a minimum, we will only issue donation receipts for amounts up to €300 on request and as an exception.  Thank you for your understanding! We are working to enable tax-beneficial donations from other countries as a next step. For short-term larger international donations, please contact us at:

If you donate more than 300€ per year to us (at once or as a sum of several donations within one year), you will receive a donation receipt on request. Please inform us here about your donation amount and date as well as the address to whom we may issue the donation receipt. This also applies to donations from companies or donations from other foundations. Again, this information applies to donations within Germany only. We intend to offer international tax-beneficial donations as soon as a next step sometime in the future. For short-term larger international donations, please contact us at: 

We are particularly pleased about regular support. To do so, simply set up a standing order (recurring bank transfer) at your discretion to our donations account (see below). If the sum of your annual donations to us exceeds 300€, please inform us here about to whom we may issue the donation receipt. Further payment methods and "subscriptions" are in preparation. 

Currently, only donations by deposit or bank transfer to our donations account (see below) are possible. We are working on offering other payment methods such as SEPA debit, credit card, Paypal or Apple Pay in the near future. However, these other methods will always incur processing fees (usually 2-4%), which do not apply to direct bank transfers. So please consider making your donation by bank transfer today. Thank you!

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