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ME/CFS Research Foundation fosters and finances biomedical research into the diseases ME/CFS (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) and Long COVID. Please support our work in this important area with your donation!

ME/CFS occurs after infections, including COVID-19 ("Long COVID"). It is the last, major disease that has unfortunately hardly been researched so far. ME/CFS occurs after infections, including COVID-19 ("Long COVID"). There are over 500,000 ME/CFS patients in Germany (over 34 million worldwide), of whom approx. 50% have ME/CFS after Long COVID. Approximately 80,000 children and adolescents in Germany are also affected. 

Patients suffer from this severe, physical disease, 60% are unable to work. Until now, there has been hardly any public research funding for this disease. And correspondingly few researchers have been working on this disease, which has been known for over 60 years.

Our goals and initiatives

We demand and support more effective research into ME/CFS. Patients are often medically and socially neglected – also in Germany. Yet ME/CFS is a common, complex medical problem whose relevance continues to grow strongly as a result of the pandemic ("Long-COVID").

Biomedical research into ME/CFS creates the basis for better knowledge and teaching and thus recognition, diagnosis, treatment and hopefully one day causal therapies for this terrible disease. So that patients will again be able to engage in their jobs, schools and families.


Currently, there is no specific biomarker. Therefore, ME/CFS is often misdiagnosed, diagnosed too late, or not diagnosed at all.


Patients are often psychosomatised as MDs cannot yet properly diagnose ME/CFS. Although medically disproved long ago, this realisation has not yet reached all medical practitioners.


ME/CFS is still far too little researched, even compared to other common diseases. But research is the first step towards better diagnosis and therapy ...


Currently there is a lack of funding for ME/CFS research. You can change that together with us! In many ways ... 

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Your donation directly and 100% supports our commitment to generate more biomedical research into ME/CFS. Our international scientific advisory board ensures that the funds are used effectively.

About us

Who we are

For lack of ME/CFS research so far, there is a lack of medical knowledge, recognition of the disease, education/training, diagnosis, therapy, and finally care for ME/CFS patients. We want to address this problem and invest in the expansion of ME/CFS research. That is why we established the ME/CFS Research Foundation in 2022.

We are (still) a small team of patients, relatives, friends, and committed supporters. We are looking forward to financial and active support of any kind to expand our work!


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How can you contribute?

Building and funding biomedical research requires a lot of support. For example, we are working on establishing a network of researchers, building up fundraising, working with the major patient organisations and constantly looking for new ideas and, above all, people who can implement them responsibly and effectively. 

If you want to and can support us - we'd love to hear from you!  ... and please feel free to pass the word on!