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Everyone can help - together we make a difference!

Please support our commitment to biomedical research into ME/CFS! Every contribution helps and flows 100% into our projects (more about this in our Donations FAQ below). We know thatmany ME/CFS patients are in medical and social need. Therefore, please never donate at the expense of your own health or care! It is better to ask family, friends or others for support.

Please support our work - five ideas how:

  • Donate directly to us (by bank transfer, PayPal, credit card) - one-off or even better on a regular basis
  • Start your own fundraiser - it's easier than you think (for birthdays, anniversaries, other occasions), e.g. via PayPal, Facebook, donation platforms or simply offline
  • #Shop4MECFS: Shop at one of more than 2.000 online shops that work with Gooding and thereby support our work   
  • Follow us on Social Media – this raises the visibility of our initiatives
  • and spread the word about our work! Please!

Major sponsors can be particularly helpful. For example, we can jointly finance selected projects directly. After all, sustainable funding is needed to build up new research capacities. And this is the only way to take major scientific steps. Feel free to contact us!

Please donate!

Bank transfer:



ME/CFS Research Foundation
Commerzbank Hamburg
DE35 2004 0000 0628 5316 00

donation (optional: your contact data)

PayPal, credit card, debit card:

For recurring donations please set up a standing order or select the option with PayPal for your transaction.

As a donation receipt for up to €300 p.a. the payment slip from the bank or PayPal is sufficient. For larger donations or if you would like a receipt for other reasons, please fill out our donor form so we are able to provide you with a receipt. 

Further information >> below in the Donate FAQ.

Start your own fundraiser!

It's quite simple - we explain how it works:

There are many occasions for fundraising campaigns: Birthdays, anniversaries, ME/CFS Day (12 May), public holidays or just because. Anyone can simply call for donations for ME/CFS research in their circle of friends, school, club or network. We will show you how to do it and are happy to help! Because more ME/CFS research is important and perhaps more valuable for patients in the long term than many other gifts and gestures.

Birthday donation

Your birthday or that of a child, relative or friend? Many occasions and opportunities to get involved in more ME/CFS research:

Download our birthday donation flyer (PDF), complete with our donation account and QR code. Just enter name anddate, and you're ready to go and ! Family, friends and guests can simply click to donate to your birthday campaign.

Design you own cards, flyers, social media posts, emails: simply use our donation account, PayPal link or QR code on your design(the name of the birthday person may be added in the donation form).

Our bank account: DE35 2004 0000 0628 5316 00 (to: ME/CFS Research Foundation, please state the name of the birthday child in the subject line)

Birthday donation link:

Do you have better ideas for your own fundraising campaign?

There were already concerts, football/soccer matches, socially committed women's clubs, regional fundraisers and other events in favour of ME/CFS research. Every fundraising campaign publicises the problem of too little ME/CFS research and generates a contribution to the solution. We are happy to support!

Simply start your own fundraising campaign:

  • Our article "Starting your own fundraising campaigns for more ME/CFS research - how does that work?" provides many examples and helpful links. e.g. to crowdfunding platforms.
  • FacebookClick on the button below, simply enter the details of the campaign in your Facebook account and share - done!
  • Instagram: im Profil der ME/CFS Research Foundation (mecfs_research), auf „Supporten“ klicken und eigene Spendenaktion starten oder direkt spenden (find a short guide here, nur in App, nicht im Web verfügbar).
  • PayPal: the button leads to the PayPal page of the ME/CFS Research Foundation. Click on "Start fundraising campaign" (a little further down), enter the title, target amount and photo - done! Simply distribute the customised donation link generated by PayPal to your target group.

All proceeds go directly to the ME/CFS Research Foundation without any deductions. THANK YOU!!!

Please contact us for further support: We also look forward to receiving your reports (same e-mail). Over time, we want to collect the best ideas for inspiration here.

Support ME/CFS research while shopping!

Over 2,000 online shops are registered with Gooding , including well-known brands – from car rental and clothing, to concert tickets, delivery services to pet supplies. A small percentage of every online purchase is donated to the ME/CFS Research Foundation (at no extra cost to buyers).

If you like, you can register with Gooding and do good even more easily. Registered users can take advantage of many simplifications for online shopping, e.g. shop favourites, install a toolbar in the browser, etc.  And every time, ME/CFS research is supported along the way.

And please spread the word!!    #Shop4MECFS

(PS: the similar program Amazon Smile was discontinued in February 2023, unfortunately).

Follow us on social media!

Feel free to follow and support us on social media. Because a strong presence makes us more visible and hence helps us to expand our impact. Thank you very much!  

Further information on donations (FAQs)

Please click on the questions for answers and more information.

ME/CFS Research Foundation is recognised by the German tax office as a non-profit organisation. Donations to us are therefore tax deductible in Germany. For donations of up to €300 per year, proof of payment (e.g. payment receipt, bank statement) is sufficient to claim the donation in your tax return. In order to keep our administrative workload to a minimum, we will only issue donation receipts for amounts up to €300 on request (please send your donation receipt inquiry here). Thank you for your understanding! We are working to enable tax-beneficial donations from other countries as a next step. For short-term larger international donations, please contact us at:

For your donation of more than 300€ per year (one-time or as a sum of several donations), you will automatically receive a donation receipt. In order to issue the receipt, we need the name, address and email of the donor.

For donations via Paypal, credit card, Apple/Google Pay or SEPA direct debit this information will be collected automatically during the transaction.

For donations by bank transfer please transmit your data with our donor data webform (if you missed to do that you can do that subsequently). Please use the donor webform if your donation comes from outside of Germany , or if you donate from a company account or from another foundations (charities) or if you may need a donation receipt for other reasons. Please always provide us with your email address as well. So we can process your request digitally (and save administrative costs). Thank you very much!  

For further enquiries, please write to us at: 

We very much appreciate regular support. To do this, click on "Recurring donation" and "Donation by bank transfer" above (then simply set up a standing order to our donation account at your discretion). Alternatively, you can also donate via the link "Donate via PayPal" that supports recurring donations with Paypal, credit card or debit card. Thank you very much!   

If the total of your annual donations to us exceeds 300€, please share your contact details with us, using this form for your donation receipt (especially if you donate by standing order). Thank you very much!   

We guarantee that 100% of your donation will be used to support biomedical ME/CFS research. This is because the ME/CFS Research Foundation has only low administrative costs, which are fully covered by dedicated donations.

If you donate by bank transfer, ME/CFS Research Foundation does not incur any transaction costs.

For all other payment methods (Paypal, credit card, Apple/Google Pay, SEPA direct debit) we have negotiated reduced transaction fees with our payment providers. Nevertheless, we incur transaction costs of €0.25 to €0.35 per transaction plus 1.2% to 1.5% of the gross donation amount. These fees go to our payment processing partners Paypal and Stripe. Compared to other donation portals, these fees are relatively low.

However, your donations will only be received in full by bank transfer, standing order or deposit.

We strive to ensure that 100% of our research funding to universities and institutes benefits research (i.e. without the usual, lump-sum deductions by universities for administration, etc.). Should this not be possible in individual cases, we would either prioritise other institutes or projects, or we would try to reach an appropriate arrangement with the institutes concerned without deductions. So far, this has been possible in every case. 

For the sake of completeness, however, we would like to point out that every research project involves a certain amount of administrative work (e.g. to meet mandatory regulatory requirements). We support these costs, because without them research would not be feasible.

Yes, you may donate for a specific purpose. Please note the purpose of the donation in the subject of the transfer or in the note of your Paypal/credit card/Apple/Google Pay payment, e.g. "Donation for Project XY at University Hospital XY" or send us an explanatory note. e-Mail. However, we can only support projects that are recognised as non-profit. Otherwise, we again risk our non-profit status. Donations without earmarking will be used according to our research quality criteria and the priorities set by our scientific advisory board .

Your question about donations is not answered here? Then please send your question by e-mail to: