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Overview of conferences and other events on ME/CFS research and related topics. The organisation and content of these events are the responsibility of the respective organisers. Please let us know about other events worth mentioning here:

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15. - 16. May 2024 | UniteToFight | online

Community-driven ME/CFS and Long COVID conference

We envision a world free of Long Covid & ME/CFS stigmatization, where every individual can thrive. Our mission is to create an inclusive, interactive space to address unmet needs and drive societal change. As an international, community-driven platform, we unite passionate voices through digital and tangible means, supported by crowdfunding. Our goal is to debunk myths, foster research, and transform public perception of ME/CFS and Long Covid, making recognition and understanding a collective endeavor.

11. - 12. May 2024 | International ME/CFS Awareness Day

Awareness campaigns for International ME/CFS Day on 12 May 2024

Am 12. Mai ist der International ME/CFS Awareness Day. Zahlreiche Aktionen machen die Öffentlichkeit auf die über 50 Jahre andauernde medizinische und soziale Versorgungskatastrophe bei dieser schweren Krankheit aufmerksam. Ein Appell an die zuständigen Institutionen, ihrer Verantwortung nachzukommen und diese Versorgungskrise anzupacken. Wir informieren über die Aktionen in vielen deutschen Städten.

3. - 4. April 2024 | Portuguese ME/CFS Patients Association (MYOS) | Lisbon

International Conference on Clinical and Scientific Advances in ME/CFS and Long-COVID​

The conference aims to raise awareness, clarify misconceptions, promote understanding, and stimulate discussion among healthcare professionals, investigators, policymakers, patients, and community representatives on the clinical manifestations, management, therapeutic options, and health challenges related to Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) and Long COVID.

24 - 25 November 2023 | Long-Covid Medical Association | Jena, Germany

2. Long Covid Congress ​

Title: "Participation with Long COVID: COVID-19, sepsis and inflammation-associated sequelae"
International congress for specialists, family doctors and patients

9 September 2023 | Fatigatio e.V. | Berlin

Fatigatio Symposium 2023

Title: "Fatigatio Symposium 2023 - Care, Research, Education - Quo Vadis?"
Scientific lectures, panel discussion and contributions from the legal field and the Federal Participation Act (in German)

13 July 2023 | German Academy of Sciences Leopoldina | Halle (Saale) and Online

Different perspectives on Long-/Post-Covid

Symposium of class III – medicine

Available media: Video of the event (5:13h)

12 July 2023 | German Academy of Sciences Leopoldina | Halle (Saale) and Online

The consequences of the pandemic: post covid and ME/CFS

Leopoldina lecture by Prof. Dr. Carmen Scheibenbogen, Charité Berlin (in German)

Available media: video of the lecture (1:31h)

29 - 30 June 2023 | National Academy of Sciences, Engineering, Medicine | Washington DC, USA

Toward a Common Research Agenda in Infection - Associated Chronic Illnesses

Title: “Toward a Common Research Agenda in Infection-Associated Chronic Illnesses: A Workshop to Examine Common, Overlapping Clinical and Biological Factors”

The public workshop brought together clinicians, researchers, and other stakeholders to create a scientific paradigm shift by examining common biological and clinical factors in chronic illnesses associated with prior infectious disease. It included a discussion of potential strategies to treat or prevent disease progression.

Available media: agenda, video playlist, presentations (PDF)

12 May 2023 | Charité Fatigue Center | Berlin

ME/CFS Symposium on Research and Care in Germany

Under the patronage of German Federal Minister of Health Karl Lauterbach, a compact overview of the state of research and care in Germany was presented - for ME/CFS patients, relatives, medical professionals and the public.

Available media: agenda, videos of all lectures, presentations (PDF)

ME/CFS Research Foundation supported and funded this event. 

11 - 12 May 2023 | Charité Fatigue Center | Berlin

International ME/CFS Conference - 'Understand, Diagnose, Treat'

At this international conference, leading international ME/CFS experts exchanged information on the state of research - by and for scientists and clinicians. 

Available media: agenda, videos of the lectures (English), summaries of the lectures (German, English), presentations (PDF, English)

ME/CFS Research Foundation supported and funded this event. 

18 - 19 November 2022 | Long-Covid Medical Association | Jena

1st Long-COVID Congress 2022

Available media: videos of some lectures