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The problem: there is far too little ME/CFS research - both, in relation to ME/CFS patient numbers and also in comparison to similarly prevalent diseases. As a result, there is also a lack of medical awareness, recognition, education, diagnosis, treatment and ultimately lack of care care for ME/CFS patients. That is why we established the ME/CFS Research Foundation in 2022 - our contribution to solving this long lasting problem. Establishing and expanding biomedical, scientific research is our focus - initially privately funded and hopefully with more widely available public funding and recognition.

We are (still) a small team of affected people, relatives, friends, and committed supporters. We are looking forward to competent and energetic support of any kind to expand our important work!

Joerg Heydecke


Founder and Managing Director of the ME/CFS Research Foundation, former management consultant, networker in the fields of biomedical research and major funders, relative of a ME/CFS patient.

Martin Hippe

Business Development

Co-founder of the ME/CFS Research Foundation, former lawyer and music producer, media, fundraising and research networker, ME/CFS patient.


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We are looking for active employees and supporters. Instead of job descriptions, it's what you can do that counts! We have just started and there is a lot to do.